I'm Jeremy,
Sr. Product designer.

I'm an Architechie, Design Mentor at ADPlist.org
and have 6+ years of expertise designing
interfaces, services and experiences
at the
intersection of built and digital.

I'm currently a Design Lead at DoorDash, focused on logistics services. Please contact me for case studies!


I'm Jeremy,
to view my work, please expand your browser!

I'm an Architechie, Design Mentor at Designed.org
and have 4+ years of experience designing interfaces, driving design research + strategy, and leading design workshops.

I'm currently solving challenges at the edge of aerospace with UTC Digital.

Featured Work

Rotor Charts
Design System

Project and Design Lead / UTC Digital
/ Design Systems, Product Design / 2019


Product & Interaction Designer / RTX
/ Design Strategy, UX/UI, Product / 2020

ABC Upgrade

Project and Design Lead / Verizon / Product Design, Design Research + Strategy / 2018

More Work

Actuation Services

Design Strategist / UTC Digital /
Workshop design, Business transformation / 2019


Product Designer / Designation / Product Design, Design Research / 2017

Summiting Mars

Carnegie Mellon University /
Experience Design, Arch. Design / 2016

2024 Olympics

Carnegie Mellon University / Urban Design, Arch. Design, Experience Design / 2015

Architectural Design

Carnegie Mellon University / Urban Design, Arch. Design, Experience Design / 2011 - 2016

Digital Design Challenges

This is a collection of product design challenges ranging from quick half-day mockups to longer engagements.

Jeremylu.design@gmail.com for access

Product Design, UX/UI Design,
Graphic Design / 2015 - Present

Other Work Samples

Experience Design, Arch. Design,
Print Design / 2011 - Present

Local Guide

LocalGuide is a platform that connects travelers looking for unique adventures with local residents.

Product Designer, Design Researcher • Designation • Product Design • 2017

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