I'm Jeremy, multi-disciplinary designer with a Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University. Currently, I'm a design lead at DoorDash, and lead two design pods within CnG Fulfillment tooling.

I believe in the responsibilities we have as humans to give back, help those around us, and to use our skills to drive meaningful change in the world. I do that in part today by being a Design Mentor to early career designers and those transitioning into design over at ADPList.org. I've currently mentored over 25+ Designers.

I'm also passionate about supporting civil and humane issues within my immediate community. I'm currently the Marketing Content and Design Manager for Project by Project's New York Chapter, a national philanthropic organization focusing on increasing awareness and fundraising for movements within the Asian American community.

As a designer, I'm passionate about solving complex human problems by leveraging my hefty cross-discipline skillset to address challenges at a service, system, and product level. In the past, I solved building and urban challenges as an architect. I wrote a Medium article on my transition here.

When I’m not at my desk covered in sign-pen ink, you can find me on the AutoCross track, training for my next Tough Mudder, or daydreaming about Korean snacks and cities on Mars. Contact me to design together! 

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